Social Advertising Campaign For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organization aims to give designers a huge room for imagination. The problem with public service advertising campaigns often lies in the fact that, unlike commercial advertising in social sphere is much harder to calculate efficiency, to understand whether the ads hit the mark. Even more difficult to determine exactly what can cause a person to change something in yourself or in the outside world, whereas the response to a commercial campaign is an increase in demand and the mention of the brand.
In this collection - 35 posters advertising campaigns in 2011, which drew attention to pressing social problems: environmental, health, human rights, violence, and charity.

Shit - it's not a cool brand. Clean up after your dog

The municipal program in Prague. Advertising agency Kitchen, Czech Republic

Fine dust does not happen. Use urns

Clean city of Barranquilla. Advertising agency Sonovista Advertising, Colombia

Make the city more beautiful - bend over and remove the dog

Administration of Belgrade. Advertising agency McCann Erickson Belgrade, Serbia

Recycle. As long as garbage is not absorbed us

Volunteer organization Heal the bay. Advertising agency RLP Advertising

So much water do you spend on your lawn - and so much water it is really necessary

Organization of Denver Water. Advertising agency Sukle, USA


Available for all inattentive drivers at all intersections. Road Safe Hawkes Bay. Advertising agency Ogilvy, New Zealand

If the rules are created in order to break them, then your bones - also

Improper driving shall not become part of the culture. Service Road Safety, Alberta, Canada. Advertising agency Calder Bateman Communications, Canada

Tequila is really a slap in the head. Especially on the highway 401

The organization "Mothers against drunk driving." Advertising agency Über, Canada

Censorship distorts events

Non-profit organization "Reporters without borders". Advertising agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE

Subscribe to SMS-Activist

Amnesty International calls on iPhone and iPad free download wallpaper for your phone and to support the organization. It increases people's awareness about the organization. Amnesty International - the worldwide movement of people who campaign for the observance of universally recognized human rights of every person. Advertising agency Garbergs, Sweden

Media change, truth remains

Non-profit organization "Reporters without Borders" to "revive" tweeter, showing us the trail of the moving birds on the shoulders of the various leaders of authoritarian countries. Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Spain.

If we build too much, we are destroying

International Union for Conservation of Nature. Advertising agency McCann Worldgroup Bangkok, Thailand.

Drainage kills 6000 animals each year

WWF. Advertising agency Contrapunto BBDO, Spain

Want to help the environment?

Recycling of plastic. Advertising agency Spillmann / Felser / Leo Burnett, Switzerland

Every 60 seconds an extinct species

Every minute counts. Every donation - help. Cannes Lion Award Winner 2011. Advertising agency Scholz & Friends, Germany

You would think if it was a panda?

WWF campaign against excess catch of bluefin tuna. WWF calls not to sell, buy or eat endangered fish.

You see tuna - think about pandas

Alliance against animal abuse

Advertising agency Draftfcb, Germany

Cero Caza De Ballenas against catching whales for scientific purposes

Advertising Agency Los Quiltros, Chile

Global warming. Who will remain to see the outcome?

The government of Sao Paulo. Y & R, Brazil.

Saliva - peddler of microbes

On the square in China drew 70-meter spitting - a call for people not to spit, because saliva is a peddler of germs and diseases. Advertising agency Ogilvy Shanghai, China. Gold Cannes Lions 2011 in the category "Design".

Every disaster begins with an ordinary day

Help us to be prepared. International Salvation Army. Advertising agency Ogilvy, Puerto Rico

Road Safety

- You will have time to take the children out of kindergarten?
- No problemsch
"Writing an SMS while driving is equivalent to driving with .15 percent blood alcohol." Non-governmental National Society for Road Safety, Sweden. Advertising agency Cordovan Communication, Sweden

With MS you never know what might happen

Patients with multiple sclerosis living in the terrible reality that different parts of the body can suddenly stop working. Help in search of drugs. Advertising agency Colenso BBDO, New Zealand

Everything reminds you of smoking?

Alberta Health Services - professional help in the fight against smoking. Advertising agency Calder Bateman Communications, Canada

You disappear with each puff

Organization of Truth. Advertising Agency Design Geek Studio

If your child is using drugs, talk to him before its too late

Community Drug Free America. Advertising agency Publicis, SShATy disappear with each puff
Organization of Truth. Advertising Agency Design Geek Studio

What a great feeling

If you have experienced cancer, every second of every day is sacred. Even the most boring moments of life are magical
The Swedish Cancer Society Cancerfonden

Find a strength

Charitable organization "Victim Support". Advertising agency MWO, United Kingdom


Words do hurt. They can not be seen, but the scars from verbal abuse remain for a long time. Advertising agency Y & R, UAE

"If you go to your father, you can stay there"

Told the children during a divorce will remain in memory forever. SIRE. Children and divorce. Advertising agency 180 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The most dangerous place for African-American - in the womb

Group Life Always, which opposes abortion. According to Life Always, African-American three times the number of abortions ahead of other women.

We believe in you

Association for the rehabilitation of AMR calls to donate money for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy. Advertising agency New360, Brazil

Winter Collection

For 33.4% of residents of Karnataka rubbish - it's fashion. Please give your clothes. Advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, India


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