Guinness World Records 2011- 2012

This is the photo collection of the biggest, fastest, highest, weird and just crazy record breakers from Guinness World Records in 2011 - 2012 period.

1. The longest ears in a dog.
Black and tan kunhaund named Harbor has the longest ears of dogs. Length of 31.7 cm of the left ear and right - 34 cm. His ears were "outstanding" since childhood, and brought the dog a lot of trouble - so, Jennifer Werth, owner of Harbor, said that the dog often stumbled on his ears, down the stairs, and flew down upside down. However, now Harbor could walk normally and without fanfare - except the noise of attention.

2. The greatest violin.
Masters of the production of violins and bows from Vogtland, Germany, have created a violin length of 4.2 m and a width and 1.23 m. This instrument and its 5.1-meter-long bow, seven times the normal violin. To play on it, it takes three people: one pulls the strings, while the other two move the bow.

3. The longest fingernails on the hands of women.
The owner of the longest fingernails in the world of 45-year-old Chris Walton, better known by his stage name Grafinya. The longest - on the big toe of his left hand - reached 91 centimeters. The total length of the nail of his left hand - 3.5 meters, the right hand - 3 meters.

4. The greatest number of dogs jumping on the rope.

Who could know that dogs, and even more so as long as 13 can simultaneously jump on the rope. Record belongs to the circus Uchida Geinousha's "Super Wan Wan Circus" from Japan. 

5. The world's largest collection of penguins.
Bridget BERENDS of Germany assembled the largest collection of things related to penguins, a total of 11 062 pieces. Record was set on March 14, 2011. 

6.'s Fastest church for the wedding.
Church on wheels, called The Best Man of Shelbyville, Illinois, has developed a speed of 99 km / h. This tiny church has all that is needed: stained glass windows, 1000 watt stereo system, organ, pulpit and porch with wrought iron railings.

7. The greatest number of piercings on a man.
Rolf Buchholts holds the greatest number of piercings in the world. More precisely the man with the largest number of punctures on the body. Their number includes 453 pieces. 52-year-old computer expert discovered the piercings 11 years ago. After the first, he was unable to stop. Rolf has 94 piercings around the lips, eyebrows 25 and 278 in the nose in the genital area.

8. The youngest man to orbit alone around the world.
23-year-old student at Memorial University of Florida Barrington Irving is not afraid of snow, rain and storm, and made his record flight. In addition, he became the first black American, has broken the record. When Barrington learned that no one would lend him a plane for the record, he built his own Columbia 400 of parts, donated his aircraft to  manufacturing plant in Colombia.

9. The world's largest chocolate.
In Chicago, Illinois, the company «Worlds Finest Chocolate» presented its new achievement - a giant chocolate bar weighing 5 kg 574.65. This mega-chocolate was created by the company for another attempt to set a new Guinness world record, and successful. Chocolate height of almost 91 cm long and 6.4 meters furnish the holder of the previous record by nearly a ton.

10.'s Longest home cat (and longest cat's tail).
Cat  Maine Coon, who lives together with the owners in the city of Reno in the U.S. state of Nevada, hit the "Guinness Book of Records", becoming the world's longest domestic cat - the length  from nose to tail base is 123.2 centimeter. It tail length 41.5 cm is the world's longest cat tail. 

11. The biggest afro hairstyle.
Owner of the biggest Afro hairstyle 18.3 cm in height, 19.5 cm in width and 1.31 m in diameter is Evin Dugas of New Orleans. 

12. The longest female tongue.
Chanel Tapper of California has a long tongue 9.6 cm from the tip to the upper lip. An absolute champion, however, is Britain's Stephen Taylor with the length of 9.8 cm 

13. The largest collection of cows.
Denis Tubangi of the U.S. owns a collection of 2429 items connected with the cows, as of March 2011. Dennis started collecting in 1990, when she saw the figure of a cow in the kitchen of his mother. Her favorite subject of the collection - a toy calf in full size.

14. The most stunted cat.
The most dwarf cat is a two-year Fitz Girl Munchkin, and its height is 15.2 cm. She lives at Tiffany Keldergaard in San Diego, California.

15. The longest whiskers.
Mustache length of 4.2 m belong to the Indians, Ram Singh Chauhan.

16. The largest living crocodile in captivity.

Cassius Clay, the Australian saltwater crocodile, was declared as the biggest crocodile living in captivity. Its length is 5.47 m, weight - 907 kg.
17. Where it all began?

May 4, 1951 New Beaver, Sir, as a managing director of Guinness Brewery went to the North Slob in County Wexford, Ireland to shoot. They took part in the debate about what kind of bird is the fastest in Europe, and realized that there was no book to which one could ask for evidence. Then he decided that the book gives answers to questions like, can cause great concern. The first copy of "Guinness Book of Records" was first published in August 27, 1955, and has a Christmas book became a bestseller in the UK. It has since sold to more than 400 million copies.


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