James Bond and Sexiest Bond Girls

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1509 Девушки Джеймса Бонда

1. The French model and actress Marlo Berenice going to fulfill the role of Bond girl in the next episode of the 23rd Bond film. The new series is called «Skyfall». The actress has assured that the image of her character on the screen must get "glamorous" and "mysterious."
2290 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
2. In 2008 the film "Quantum of Solace" Olga Kurylenko played Camille Montes, a girl James Bond Daniel Craig in the performance.
3253 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
3. The photo Daniel Craig as Bond and Gemma Atherton as Strawberry Fields in the movie "Quantum of Solace."
4197 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
4. In the next series of James Bond "Casino" Royal "," role of Bond girl Vesper Lynd sang Eva Green and James Bond for the first time played by actor Daniel Craig.
5169 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
5. In the 2002 movie "Die Another Day, but not now," Halle Berry played the girlfriend next Bond Dzhiakintu "Jinx" Johnson said. Pierce Brosnan last appeared before the audience as the 007.
6159 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
6. Rosamund Pike Miranda Frost in the role, also played in "Die Another Day, but not now."
7157 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
7. Pierce Brosnan and Denise Richards, who plays Dr. Christmas Jones in the movie "World Is Not Enough" (1999).
8144 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
8. Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) and Sophie Marceau (Elektra King) in the film "The World Is Not Enough."
9127 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
9. Actress Michelle Yeoh, who plays Wei Lin, and Pierce Brosnan in the film "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997).
10121 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
10. Pierce Brosnan and Teri Hatcher (Paris Carver role) in the film "Tomorrow Never Dies."
11151 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
11. In 1995 the film "Golden Eye" for the first time Pierce Brosnan played the role of James Bond. Actress Famke Janssen played Bond's opponent - the Russian assassin Xenia Onatopp.
12130 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
12. Izabella Scorupco, played in "GoldenEye" Bond girl Natalya Simonova.
13115 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
13. In the movie "License to Kill" (1989), actress Carrie Lowell played Pam Bovier, Timothy Dalton played the role of Bond.
14105 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
14. Talisa Soto as Lyup Lamoreaux from the movie "License to Kill."
15100 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
15. The debut of Timothy Dalton as Bond was in the film "The Living Daylights" (1987), in which his co-worker was d'Abo Mariam, who plays Cara Milov.
1695 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
16. In the painting "View to a Kill" (1984) viewers last saw Roger Moore in the image of Bond. His girlfriend Stacey Sutton played Tanya Roberts.
1789 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
17. In 1983, Maud Adams, Octopussy starred in the film with the same navaniem.
1879 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
18. Carole Bouquet in the form of Melina Havelock in the series of James Bond "For Your Eyes Only" (1981).
1973 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
19. In 1979 the film "Moonraker" friend of James Bond (Roger Moore) Corinne Dufour played actress Corinne Clery.
2066 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
20. In the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977) Barbara Bach starred as Bond girl Anya Amasovoy.
21123 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
21. Britt Eklund in the role of Mary Goodnight, Bond girl in the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974).
2291 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
22. The photograph shows Roger Moore, Britt Eklund, along with, from left, (the role of Mary Goodnight) and Maud Adams, right, (starring Andrea Anders) in the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" (1974).
2357 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
23. Maud Adams in the form of Andrea Anders in "The Man with the Golden Gun."
2455 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
24. In another part of the James Bond "Live and Let Die" (1973) Jane Seymour starred as Solitaire, Bond girl. Roger Moore first appeared on screen in the image of James Bond.
2551 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
25. Jill St. John (Tiffany Case role) in the 1971 film "Diamonds Are Forever." This was the last film in which Sean Connery played the role of James Bond.
2647 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
26. In the picture are Diana Rigg as Teresa di Vicenzo, girls of 007, and George Lazenby, who plays Bond in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969).
2745 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
27. In the 1967 film "You Only Live Twice" Mie Hama appeared in the form Kissy Suzuki.
2844 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
28. Actress Claudine Auger played Domino Derval in the movie "Thunderball" (1965).
2943 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
29. In the movie "Thunderball" (1965), Lucian performed the role of Fiona Palutstsi Volpe.
3042 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
30. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore in the movie "Golfinger" (1964).
31111 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
31. Shirley Eaton in the form of Jill Masterton in the film "Goldfinger" (1964).
3254 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
32. In 1963, Daniela Bianchi played Tatiana Romanova in the film "From Russia With Love."
3338 Девушки Джеймса Бонда
33. In the movie "Dr. No" (1962) Swiss actress Ursula Andress played the role for divers shells Hanni Ryder. This film became the first Bond film. 


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