From Horse to Meat

1. Juman farmer looks away, where it grazes cattle. 40 years, he cares for them. Now he has his farm, where there are several dozen horses, cows and sheep. Each autumn, cut the horse in Juman sogym. Today, just arrived that day.
2. Son Juman Yerlik with the lasso sent to the stable to catch the horse.
4. Only a couple of attempts he managed to throw a lasso
5. The main objective - to tie noose to a tree. The younger brother of Daniyar helps older, driving a horse bars.
6. Finally, by joint efforts, Zhumanov and his sons can not wrap the rope around the tree.
7. After - the rope tightened and pulled that horse lay down
8. Once it falls, the miner is trying to squeeze livestock Beysenby horse's head to the ground
9. At this time, tightly binds Yerlik foot rope.
10. When a horse is securely bound, dragged from her neck noose on his head, catching the teeth so that you can comfortably pull the animal's neck
11. Before starting to cut his head, each about a little prayer reads
13. When the animal finally dies down, Yerlik removes noose ...
14. ... And prepare a place for razdelyvanie
15. The horse dragged on a specially prepared place
16. Before you begin, wash their hands cullers
18. Beysenby starts first. At first, it removes the skin from the limbs and abdomen horse.
23. The meat just take home to avoid attracting flies and dogs
26. Breast and suitable for interior and kuyrdak kazi
27. While the men cut up the meat in the kitchen already preparing kuyrdak. The picture shows a relative Juman Rezzhan cuts meat for future meals
28. To use kuyrdak lungs, heart, and a little bacon. The meat is cut into medium sized cubes.
29. Kazan is put on the street under a canopy
30. At first, put the meat
31. Followed by the onions and garlic
32. Sometimes added for flavor tomatoes
33. Close the lid tightly and stew over medium heat.
34. While Rezhan hosts in the kitchen in the yard the other women clean colon and a map. Apisai knife cuts through the gut, and helps her Kuleymash, holding the other end. Both are neighbors owner of the farm.
37. All the insides thoroughly rinsed with water and salt.
38. The salt helps to remove not only contaminated sites, but also to remove mucus from the intestine
39. Reveal karyn (stomach) and purified from the content
40. Meat on the ribs and a future kazi. The ribs are separated from the carcass whole, without crushing
41. Valued in Konin: Multiplying (pictured), kazi and map. Multiplying clipped the back of the thigh horse. From time immemorial, the Kazakhs do not use fresh meat into the food. His first salted and vyalyat, and then use boiled
42. After slaughtering the men clean up the place
43. Women continue to clean the colon. "My father was a herdsman about 50 years. We can say that we have a dynasty herdsmen, whose traditions are passed down from generation to generation," - said Apisai.
44. Evening on the farm already, chickens hiding by day in the bright sun, facing the courtyard.
45. One of the dogs, farm Kutbol
46. Kuyrdak almost ready
47. And boiling samovar for tea
48. Juman hugs cousin Rezhan.
49. In the farmhouse table already laid
51. This kuyrdak prepared without potatoes.
52. After dinner and Apisai Kuleymash removed card to do cooking kazi.
53. Initially filling for kazi cut strips from the edges horse
55. Sliced ​​meat seasoned special seasoning with salt, garlic and black pepper. Sometimes the mistress of spices used his, who kept secret
56. In a ready-made, thoroughly washed intestine, fingers pushing flavored meat. To use a special kazi duodenum, in the length of 10-12 meters
57. Meat stuffed tightly into the intestine, being careful not to tear it
58. Casa do 60-70 cm long, the rest is cut off.
59. End of the intestine "sewn up" with a toothpick. In the old days, when there were toothpicks, our ancestors used sticks cut from the reed
60. Umit with interest the work of young women. "I am 75 years old, I also have family all the men were herdsmen. Helping the mother, I learned to do from childhood kazi "- she says
61. A few minutes later could not stand on a chair, she herself takes up the work
63. By the end of the kazi stacked in a dry place, so that it can soak up sauce. The most favorite delicacy of the Kazakhs is now complete.
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