TIC TAC APP "TILT & KISS" by Andreas Krapf

  • Various characters showing different facial expressions in the free mobile app "Tilt & kiss", which is one of the games of Tic Tac's "Shake it up!" campaign. 
    There are 8 different characters. Each character shows 6 different expressions.

    If you tilt the phone the other way, the character makes a frowny face and tells you to tilt the phone the other way. When you turn the phone the correct way, the character will make a kiss-ready face. At that point you will kiss the phone. When the phone senses your lips, it will vibrate and the character will say something.
  • Client: Tic Tac, Ferrero
    Agency: Merkley+PARTNERS, New York
    Art Director: Sakib Afridi
    Director of Art Production: Bev Don
    Digital Production: Mathilde Benington

  • This is how it works
  • Unsuccessful Mexican Wrestler
  • Sultry Crime Scene Investigator
  • Hydrophobic Longboard Surfer
  • Scholarly Meter Maid
  • Cowardly Rodeo Clown
  • Childish Ex-Child Actress
  • Counterfeit Art Dealer
  • Ex-Beauty Queen SWAT Team Member
  • Initial Sketches
  • Source: behance.net


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