25+ Marilyn Monroe Unpublished Photos

Allan "Whitey" Snyder - a former personal makeup artist and stylist Marilyn Monroe. The first meeting of the actress, and Alan was held back in 1946. Over the years, we have the opportunity to look at pictures of Marilyn made her make-up artist and have never been published. From March 31 to April 1 on the online auction, "Julien" will be held auctions for the rights to have these pictures.

All photos From Julien's Auctions

1. This photo was taken for the son of Alan Snyder. Photo signed: "To Ronnie. I love you, kiss you. And for your dad! Marilyn Monroe. "

2. This picture in the collection of Alan does not have a signature and date.

3. Photo taken during the filming of "The river is not flowing back" in 1954.

4. Another photo without a signature.

5. Marilyn Monroe in the film "The river is not flowing back" (1954).

6. Color slides taken in 1953 during the filming of the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

7. Marilyn during the filming of the movie "Something has to happen" in 1962. This picture was the last in the life of an actress and has not been completed.

8. Marilyn Monroe next to Robert Mitchemomna in Alberta in 1954.

9. Monroe posing next to the Canadian bears.

10. Marilyn with the Canadian police (it is possible that an actor) while filming the movie "The river is not flowing backwards."

11. Photo from the shooting paintings "The river is not flowing backwards." During filming, Monroe was injured, slipping on the wet stone.

12. Alan Snyder, Marilyn corrects makeup during the filming of the picture "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

13. Snyder and Monroe in 1960 while working on the movie "Let's Make Love."

14. This telegram sent Marilyn Snyder, after it was removed from the list of actors of the film "Something has to happen." August 5th of that year, Marilyn was gone. The message is written: "Dear Whitey, please believe me, it was not my fault. I wanted to work with you. Marilyn. "

15. Photo taken in 1957 by Snyder on the set of film "The Prince and the Dancer." In 2010, screens out the movie "seven days and nights with Marilyn," which described the films "The Prince and the Dancer."

16. Things related to Marilyn: 9 books about her life, 10 magazines with the actress, a disc soundtrack to the film "Let's Make Love", and photos of Marilyn Drive.

17. Photo from the screen test pattern, "Something has to happen."

18. The album of the musical "Oh, Captain!", Presented by Tony Randall Marilyn in 1958 and signed for it.

19. Snyder works with Marilyn during the filming of the picture, "Let's Make Love" in 1960.

20. Another photo from the film screen tests, "Something has to happen."

21. Marilyn poses during the trial.

22. The same test for the film "Something has to happen": Marilyn posing in their underwear.

23. Marilyn Monroe in a denim suit during the screen tests.

24. Photo of Marilyn undated.

25. While shooting the movie "Bus Stop" in 1956.

26. Marilyn while shooting film "Bus Stop" (1956).

27. Marilyn Monroe before her death, Snyder asked that it was he was the one who will cause her to make up for the last time. The collection is a letter from Alan's funeral with gratitude for the cosmetic work on the body of the late Marilyn. Snyder also accompanied the coffin of the actress during a funeral procession.

28. Photos from the 1957 filming of "The Prince and the Dancer."


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