15 Countries with Hot Girls

While it’s true that beautiful women can and will be found in every country the world over, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and produce a remarkably conspicuous amount of hot women. These countries aren’t doing it on purpose, nor are they generally aware of the goldmine they’ve all got their collective hands on, since we all seem to lust after the exotic. These are the 15 countries with the hottest women — get those passports ready.



France has been seen as the world’s leader and trend-setter in haute culture, and for good reason. The women in France are lusted and sought-after, they’re idolized by girls worldwide as more beautiful, more cultured, and just plain sexier than they are — and half the time, they’re probably right. Alizée is one of the hottest girls in the world, and she’s only one example of many.


Much like other melting-pot countries, Argentina’s population is made up of a very mixed bunch, and that can lead to some interesting results when it comes to beautiful women. For instance, for being a South American country, there are a remarkable amount of blondes running around. Buenos Aires is considered one of the best cities in the world, and with women like Luciana Salazar being Argentinian, there’s plenty of reason to check it for yourself.


Saying that Sweden has a lot of beautiful women is like saying that chocolate cake tastes good. The place is crawling with them, and believe it or not, they’re not all blonde, either. Malin Akerman, known for her recent role as the Silk Spectre in Watchmen, is testament to the beauty of Swedish girls. It also doesn’t hurt that Stockholm has topped the list of the world’s best places to live several times, and the two things probably aren’t mutually exclusive, either.


If their gorgeous, sultry looks weren’t enough as it was, the girls of Romania have accents that can demolish a man’s willpower. They’ve also got a nice little showing for gymnasts, too, and Andreea Răducan made a splash in the sport for her country a decade ago in the Olympics and elsewhere. The country is old as it is beautiful, with castles and even a vampire story or two, and the girls are said to love American men.


With wildly propagated rumors of their women loving American men, Australia is home to some of the hottest girls in the world that you don’t have to learn another language to get on with. Australian girls are like American girls who’ve lived their entire lives elsewhere, away from all the — America. The kicker: Despite their button-nosed hotness and inborn mastery of the English language, these exotic ladies from down under have an obscenely hot accent that melts the ear in a way that makes other body parts feel funny. 


Italy is home to some of the world’s absolute hottest women, and they know it. When we think of sexy cars, clothing, beaches, even leather, we tend to think of Italy. Case in point: Monica Bellucci. She’s constantly hailed as the world’s sexiest woman alive, and frankly, she may well be.


Claudia Schiffer isn’t just one of the world’s sexiest women, she’s one of the world’s sexiest German women, too. The woman has been on well over 500 magazine covers in her modeling career, not to mention all the movies she’s cameo’d in. If she’s not enough of a reason alone, then take a look at the millions of others, and just think of the St. Pauli Girl outfit.


Hot days are followed by hotter nights in Spain, and we’re not talking about the weather. Spanish women are among the sultriest in the world, with their sun-kissed looks and love for partying being added bonuses. Paz Vega is just one of many insanely gorgeous women in a country where beautiful women are a dime a dozen.


It’s a shame that Japan doesn’t put out more major motion pictures, since movies are generally one of the best ways for us to see the beautiful women that other countries have to offer. Thankfully, there’s J-Pop. Kyoko Fukada is one of Japan’s hottest rising young starlets, and she’s making heads turn clear around the world with her looks alone. All it takes is one look at any Tokyo city street to see that Kyoko is not alone.


Russia may be a cold place, outside of summer, but it has a habit of heating up when Russian girls are involved. They’ve got a flair for the overdramatic, sexy accents when English is involved, and a penchant for dressing the way our girls wish they could get away with — and Oksana Pochepa is just an example of how Russian Girls roll. 


There are a few places in the world that are talked about when men want to take the trip of a lifetime, and not tell any future wives or girlfriends about it, ever. Thailand is one of those places. The country itself is absolutely gorgeous, with sights that can’t be seen anywhere else in the entire world — massive ancient monuments and ruins, first and foremost — but it’s the countries women that really seal the deal. Khemanit Jamikorn, affectionately nicknamed Pancake, is one of Thailand’s many supermodels.

The United Kingdom

It’s only fitting that the country that spawned America would in fact be one of the world’s greatest producers of beautiful women — and we’re glad for it. American girls are great, and Australian chicks have a cute enough accent, sure enough; it’s the classic British accent that really takes the cake when it comes to English-speaking girls. There’s just something about it, and the fact that there are about as many flavors of it as there are neighborhoods in London. If that’s not enough for you, there’s always the girls up northways, in Scotland, and we’ll even throw in the girls across the way, over in Ireland — now there’s an accent to die for.


A truly hidden gem of the world, Lebanon has been a melting-pot of uniquely massive proportions for centuries — and it shows. The women of Lebanon are routinely some of the most exotically beautiful in the entire world. Haifa Wehbe is just one example of the girls that walk around Beirut any given day of the week; let’s just hope that the place stops falling apart for a few years, so we can get our tourism on.


Of all places south of the border, Brazil rates highest among American men as their destination of choice when looking for the time of their lives — that they couldn’t ever tell mom about. Morena Baccarin, a woman who may look familiar to any guy who’s watched TV in the last decade, isn’t from around here. She was born in Rio de Janeiro.

The United States

Oddly enough we often tend to forget here in America that we are, in fact, a melting-pot of people from all over the world, and that with that comes a ridiculous diversity of beautiful women. It doesn’t really matter so much what state you may live in, or whether you live in the city or out in the country — America has hotties. The funny part is that we always tend to look elsewhere when we talk about exotic beautiful women, when we likely have the very thing we’re looking for right in our own back yard already.
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