Cartoons of World Famous People

A caricature is a portrait of a person that exaggerates certain features in order to express the essence of the person and still make the subject easily identifiable. Caricatures have probably influenced your opinions and viewpoints in ways you never even realized. If you have ever looked at an editorial caricature in a Sunday paper, and agreed with it, objected to it, or simply found it funny, then you have been influenced by this art form. Today, lets take a look at a collection of really awesome caricature art works done by very talented caricature artists.

Go Away Clown by Jason Seiler

the rolling stones by pouria hadizadeh

Dexter Morgan by Yoann LORI

Terry O'Quinn by Yoann LORI

WILLEM DAFOE by Jaume Cullell

Helena Bonham Carter by John Bautista

Jackie Chan peace by John Bautista

Chico Anysio by Lucas Leibholz

Matthew Fox by Yoann LORI

Anton Chigurh by Maxim Kostenko

LeBron James by Jubhubmubfub

Pele the King by Tiago Hoisel

Bushie the Kid by Thomas Fluharty

Amanda Seyfried by PapaNinja

Minotauro by Tiago Hoisel

John C. Reilly by Vincent Altamore

Larry King by Miguel Chajtur

Big Jeff by Fernando Ferreiro Colmenares

Master Obama by Vincent Tang

Alan Moore by Diego Maia

Kevin James by manitwo

Jim Carrey caricature by GuillermoRamirez

Leslie Nielsen by GuillermoRamirez

JAMES HETFIELD by JaumeCullell

Morgan Freeman by markdraws


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