Amazing India

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1. Indian border forces soldiers on camels stand honor guard in front of the presidential palace in New Delhi. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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2. Boy in school uniform waiting for a rickshaw to get to school in New Delhi. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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3. Skyscrapers of Mumbai. India, which is now just two skyscraper, begins to experience "neboskrebny boom" - build another 14 skyscrapers, including the second highest tower in the financial capital - Mumbai. (AP Photo / Rajanish Kakade)
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4. Indian dancers at the gala, which took place on the outskirts of New Delhi. (Reuters / Parivartan Sharma)
5. A flock of flamingos at the island of Khadir in Kutch district, 410 km north-west of Ahmedabad. Each year, tens of thousands of flamingos come here for breeding season. (AP Photo / Ajit Solanki)
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6. Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan was sitting in the new DC Avanti - a sports car created by «DC Design» in the Indian Auto Show in New Delhi. (AP Photo / Saurabh Das)
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7. Beggars beg for Buddhists in the Mahabodhi temple, where, according to legend, the Buddha attained enlightenment. The picture was taken during the festival of Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. (AP Photo / Altaf Qadri)
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8. An aerial view of snow-covered hills Chander Kot near Jammu. (AFP / Getty Images)
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9. Indian family out of the temple of Hanuman in the Carol Begh in New Delhi. God, Hanuman monkey - one of the most revered deity of Hinduism. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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10. Fitter adjusts cables on the eve of the festival Maha Mela on the banks of the Ganges at Allahabad. Tens of thousands of Hindus have a dip at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna during one month of the festival, which begins on January 9. (AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh)

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11. Workers covered with statues of elephants in the Ambedkar memorial park in Luknove. Workers rush to cover the 200 statues of elephants under the decree of the Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Statues created by public money, and their demonstration allegedly violating rules of election to be held next month in the state. (AP Photo)
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12. A girl collects spare parts for automobile factory on the outskirts of Jammu. (AP Photo / Channi Anand)
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13. Indian on a motorcycle with sweets in the cold morning mist on the outskirts of New Delhi. (Reuters / Parivartan Sharma)
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14. Hindu oil lamp with a prayer to the sun god at the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati rivers in Allahabad. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus plunged into the waters of the sacred river during the 45-day festival of Marx, Mel, to get rid of sins and receive welfare. (AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh)
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15. An Indian walks past a mountain of cotton Dhrangadhre. India - the world's second largest producer and exporter of cotton. (AP Photo / Ajit Solanki)
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16. The Indians listened to with headphones prediction of the machine in Allahabad. (Reuters / Jitendra Prakash)
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17. Part of the Indian Navy salutes from the deck of a warship during the presidential fleet in view of Mumbai. The event is held once during the reign of the president, who is also chief of the armed forces. (AP Photo / Rafiq Maqbool)
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18. Girl dressed as angel on the eve of Christmas lights candles in the church of St. Paul in Amritsar. Despite the fact that Christians make up just over 2% of the population, Christmas is celebrated across the country. (Narinder Nanu / AFP / Getty Images)
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19. Sikh warrior demonstrates the techniques of "Gatkhu" - the traditional form of martial arts. The picture was taken on the road during a religious procession on the eve of the day of the martyr of the 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur in Chandigarh. (Reuters / Ajay Verma)
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20. Fire evacuates the patient from the hospital after a fire in Calcutta. The fire killed 40 people, mostly patients. (Reuters / Rupak De Chowdhuri)
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21. Sufi Muslims of Turkey from camel wool hats on stage during a ceremony at Sam Sufi music festival in New Delhi. Sam - part of the ceremony of worship, in which the dervishes aim - to reach an ideal, letting go of your ego or personal desires, thinking about God at the same time rotating the body. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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22. Tibetan dancers perform a ritual dance before a spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on the last day of the festival of Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya. (AP Photo / Altaf Qadri)

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23. Worker is working at the factory on the outskirts of Jammu. (AP Photo / Channi Anand)
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24. People look like crumbling five-story apartment building in Surat. The building cracks during construction work on the construction of a nearby building. All tenants had to leave home. (AP Photo / Dinesh Trivedi)
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25. A boy with a disability in the chair is involved in Mumbai Marathon. (AP Photo / Rajanish Kakade)
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26. The monks performed a ritual dance "Cham" in the last day of the Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya. (Diptendu Dutta / AFP / Getty Images)
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27. Indian drinks water from a tap at the confluence of the rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati in Allahabad. (AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh)
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28. Indian soldiers work out stunts on motorcycles in front of Republic Day in New Delhi. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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29. A man burns a fire under the truck to warm spares in anticipation of the opening of Srinagar-Jammu highway. 300-kilometer highway connecting Kashmir with the rest of India, was closed after 5 days of heavy snowfall. (Reuters / Fayaz Kabli)
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30. Traditional house on the river bank Dzhhelum in Srinagar. (Reuters / Fayaz Kabli)
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31. Indian children in the way of the gods Shiva and Parvati with toy guns during the annual festival of Marx-Mela in Allahabad. (AP Photo / Rajesh Kumar Singh)
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32. Sikh warrior blows fire from his mouth during a religious procession in Jammu. (AP Photo)
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33. Young Buddhist monks playing video games in Badh Gaya. (AP Photo / Altaf Qadri)
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34. Siddarth Abraham - lead singer of local band "Soldier," which has been working on kickboxing, rehearsing in Bangalore. Bangalore is fast becoming one of the major cities of rock music in India. (Reuters / Shamanth Patil J)
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35. Hindu prayer in the setting soltsu Mumbai during the ancient festival of Chhath. (AP Photo / Rajanish Kakade)
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36. Kashmiri Shiite police beats chains in Srinagar. Authorities used batons, tear gas and water cannons to disperse Muslim demonstrations against the strict curfew in Kashmir. In Kashmir, a large-scale meetings have been banned since 1989. (AP Photo / Mukhtar Khan)
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37. Guinness World Records judge Rob Molloy talks to Jyoti Amge - the smallest woman in the world - the day of her 18th birthday in the city of Nagpur. Amge growth - only 61.95 cm (Reuters / Stringer)
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38. Hindus perform a ritual dip in the background of the illuminated temple Bangla Sahib Sikh in Guru Nanak's birthday in New Delhi. Guru Nanak founded Sikhism in the 15th century. He preached the equality of races and sexes and rejection of the caste system and idol worship. (AP Photo / Gurinder Osan)
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39. Stuntmen look out the windows of cars on the attraction, known here as "The Pit of Death", in Sonepure, Bihar. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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40. The doctor gives the child a medicine against polio in New Delhi. In India, a year has passed since the last case of polio. (AP Photo / Kevin Frayer)
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41. Residents fly kites in Dariyapur during the festival of kites. (Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images)


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