67 Macro Photography of Insects

Macro insect photography  deals with getting irritated, getting behind in the mud and infrequently getting hurt by a bug for your hard work. It is hard work to create a high-quality illustration. Underneath you’ll find a catalog of the most brilliant macro photographers and a little collection of their effort. Also do not forget to check out the photographer’s page.  (Each photo is a link).

Fire eyed Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) by Tomas Rak

Miner Bee by Boris Godfroid

Marpissa muscosa by Tomas Rak

Portrait of hornet by Mikesi

Neomochtherus pallipes by Mikesi

Hug by Madjid Momeni Moghaddam

O Dandelion.. by Boris Godfroid

Heavy load by Audun Wigen

Smile :) by Erhan Dayi

Saitis Barbipes by Tomas Rak

Lunch by agung waskito

Striped Horsefly by Joni Niemelä

butterfly by shay habba

Dewed Dragonfly by Boris Godfroid

Alien by Alexander Zubrickij

The Fly ( The red version ) by Mohammad Alkhamis

Bumblebee by Mikesi

what a wonderful world by el justino

HeY by ~~Marta Grzesiak¸.·´¯)

Reach the Top by Reza Nurfikri Fauzi

Spider On a Bud by ~emanesque

hornet and honey by Mikesi

Bug by ~AKharlamov

face to face by Atrej

Breakfast by Norbert Maier

Good Looking by Ib M

Wasp Reflection I by =dalantech

,at the edge. by irass waledzik

eat by Joni Song

Stab in the Back by CerambyX

Bee's White Dreams by Mohammad Alkhamis

Tom by dan.wambach

Crab-spider by jimmy hoffman

Coloured eyes by Mikesi

Karate Kid by Szabolcs Sipos

Freckles II by Dalantech

Mantis religiosa by jimmy hoffman

Scrooge by Alexander Zubrickij

Whiskered by Alexander Zubrickij

Soup Time by Brizadly Arifin

Bad hair day by Wim Meeus

Look into my eyes by Yvan Barbier

bzyg by krysgrab1

A Damsel's Feast by Trevor Nichols

~ Bee Vibrant ~ By ViaMoi

Bee Antena! By Danny Perez Photography

~ Face to Face ~ By ViaMoi

Bee on Basil (more photos on comments) By Chaval Brasil

Aesthetic Symbiosis By ecstaticist

~ LadyBug ~ By ViaMoi

Bubble Blowing Fly By Gerald Yuvallos

I don't need shades to look cool By spettacolopuro

Blue-faced Meadowhawk - Sympetrum ambiguum (With Video!) By Thomas Shahan

Eyes of a Holcocephala fusca Robber Fly By Thomas Shahan

~ Attack ~ By ViaMoi

~ Ewww..... (cool) ~By ViaMoi

Philaeus Chrisops By Jari Segreto

Am I Scary? (Explored) by Yogendra174

Praying Mantis by donsutherland1

Greenhead Horsefly - Tabanus Nigrovittatus by VonShawn

My Favourite Insect, the Red Dragonfly by williamcho

400e bee wings by jjjj56cp

Bumbling Along by Puzzler4879 A Blessed Christmas!!

Spitting Spider (Scytodes) by Thomas Shahan

fly by Caramosca

Soggy wet bee by nutmeg66

Sonriendo para la Cámara by Gustavo (lu7frb)


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