Believe it or Not ! These Photos Are Real

Standing a short distance in front of the girl makes this man look like he’s holding her up like a little doll.

This is more of a slow motion photo, taken as a bucket of water is spalshed on the girl.

Here we have a photo taken sideways making it look like the shadows are standing upright.

With the banana placed well in front of the subjects, at the right angle it looks like they are standing on top of it.

This cloud seems to be coming from this aerosol can.

Here again, having this little girl stand quite a ways away from the tower makes it look like she is almost as big as the tower.

Once again, the man is laying on the ground quite a ways in front of the girl, making it look like she is standing on his foot.

This is an actual house that was built to look like a missle went through it.

Here we have what seems to be a cloud coming out of a water bottle.

Get at the right angle, and you can eat the sun as it goes down.

This is an actual building that is designed to be wavy and curvy like this on purpose and will put you in a trance-like state with a simple glance.

Not sure why they painted the lines like this, but you can see the dotted yellow strip is straight.

This photo was taken by the Associated Press as this plane was flying low and close to a building.

The reflection in an eye is a hard thing to capture so clearly.

This laptop seems to have a see through screen. However you can tell that it was a photo taken from the same spot and used as the background.

Half of this image is a mirror, the other half is clear glass with a different girl standing outside.

Although this is a beautiful picture, I’m not sure I’d want to try this.

This peice of art has a pipe running up through the water flowing down, which is holding up the structure.

Here the cloud looks like steam coming from a tea pot.

This is another slow motion shot.

Here’s a man doing a flip, either off a structure or a trampoline.

Here someone is just having fun with some food, looks like the leaves on this tomato is holding the world back.

Breathing fire is very cool, although once again, I’m not sure I’d try it.

How much patients would you have to have to hold still enough for a bird to land on your hand and eat some bready?

Although this looks like she is floating on a cloud, she is actually laying in front of a shallow puddle.

The right angle and time, makes this photo look like he’s pinching the sun.

Here we have a cloud ice cream cone, I’m not sure how that would taste.

No they aren’t super dog’s, the photo just hapen to be taken as they were running and caught both of them in the air at the same time.

While he looks to be standing on water, he’s actualy standing on the beach in very shallow water.

Now that’s one big drop. With the man quite a ways away from the bottle, it makes it look like the bottle is huge and fixing to drop a drop on his head.

This seems to be a bubble hanging from his hand, however the photo is upside down, this is acutally a class ball being help on top of his hand while the photo was taken.

This is an interesting way of taking a photo looking in two different directions at once.

Here once again, taking a picture and turning it upside down gives a cool effect.

By holding his hand down and way out in front of the subjects, it looks like he has a huge hand.

This one makes him look like hes holding this structure like a torch.

This is another slow motion photo of a drop of water.

Here’s another drop of liquid.

In this one, the refraction of light through the water changes the view of the lines behind the glass.

This one is done to look like a zipper.

And finally, another picture turned upside down, taken while holding a clear globe up showing the city actually upside down in the globe.


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